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World Water Day

Here at 36 Streets Water Filtration, we see the value in everyone. Each year in March, people and organizations promote National Water Day. the reason being; is that safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation and clean water is fundamental to our health. Here in America, the issue is not so great, however when you move into developing countries, safe clean water is needed for good health. Note these principles.

* Almost one tenth of global disease could be prevented by:

  1. increased access to safe drinking water

  2. improving sanitation and hygeine

  3. 36 Streets Water Filtration exists for these purposes

* Annually safer water could prevent

  • 1.4 million child deaths from diarrhea

  • 500,000 deaths from malaria

  • 280,000 deaths from drowning......

  • Here at 36 Streets Water Filtration, our goal is to develop clean water for villages in Northern Vietnam, using The Potters For Peace Model.

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